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Body Massage


All massage treatments below offer: 

* Infra-red heat treatment to ensure muscles are in a warmed and relaxed state before treatment commences.

* Use of a mechanical massage machine may be incorporated (only if necessary or desired) in order to penetrate tight or inflamed muscles.

* the use of aromatherapy oils to enhance the treatment. 

* the use of audio-sonic massager, to gently stimulate extremely sore, painful and arthritic areas

 Remedial body massage - 1 hour - £48 or 40 minutes - £38

intensive deep tissue massage for those who do sport and regular exercise to release tension in tight or restrictive muscular areas. the aim is to improve circulation, help relieve sore and aching muscles, very effective for inflamed joints and sports injuries. it also stimulates the nervous system to help relax and calm the mind.

Local area massage - 20 minutes - £

Specialized massage for Arthritis/Rheumatisum and localised inflamed areas involving relaxing, adapted massage technics designed to be gentle yet effective to encourage circulation around the joints and ease stiffness and reduce inflammation.

Full body Swedish massage - 1 hour - £48 Back massage - 30 minutes - £34

Helps to relieve pain and tension accumulated in the body. Incorporating deep tissue and acupressure to improve circulation and elimination of waste, good for loosening tight, fatigued muscles.

*Please note Pure Beauty does not offer massage services for men.





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